Ferroplast Mod [works in 0.6.5 !]

You wanted it, you needed it, but until now it hasn’t existed. What is it? Introducing…

The Ferroplast

A ferroplast is an as-yet-undiscovered eukaryotic organelle, used to get energy from iron.

This mod adds a ferroplast into Thrive, as a non-LAWK organelle. It uses 0.033 Iron to produce 13 ATP. So, it uses slightly more resources than the mitochondrion to produce a lot less ATP. However, swapping 2 rusticyanins for one of these is a bigger increase in efficiency than swapping 2 metabolosomes for a mitochondrion.

There’s also a new model for the rusticyanin, based on the real-world protein. Here’s an image of both:

Available on the Steam workshop:

Also available as a manual download for Linux or Windows (though the Windows version hasn’t been tested).

Download links for manual installation

Upload files for free - Ferroplast_1-0_Linux.zip - ufile.io

Upload files for free - Ferroplast_1-0_Windows.zip - ufile.io


Nice. Been waiting for years for someone to do it.


At last, the key to my species’ evolution, I guess I can leave the forums now (jk, but this is very welcome)

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Amazing! Im gonna test it out now!

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Waiting to be verified on Steam…
Edit: It’s done!


Looks nice. I’ve heard many people wanting to have this in base game for a long time now.