Finally introducing myself lol

Hello all, I am semi new and I go by Luzurper. Some of you’ve probably seen me here (or maybe even on discord, which I am more active on) and I have finally decided to do an introduction lol.

Ever since I ran across Oliver’s documentary on Thrive, I’ve fell in love with Thrive and I really like this community so I wanna try to be more active in it.

Probably a good 60-75% of the topics and conversations in various threads go over my head in understanding so we’ll see how active I’ll truly be lol.

As for talents… I have no talents lol (I can make memes however, maybe I’ll get some inspiration to make some for the community)

But it’s nice to meet everyone and I hope I can be somewhat constructive with opinions or thoughts on things.


Nice, can you show us a meme?



Also (a belated) welcome to the forums @Luzurper !

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Belated Welcome!

If you want to be more active in the forum, may I recommend the forum games category? Good way to stay semi-active between science discussions and Thrive updates. It’s the reason I’m here, and while I love thrive I probably wouldn’t still be here without them.

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Here is something I edited like a week or so ago

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Alright I’ll give it a try when I get some free time to look more at it, I have been interested in making my own “lore” for a species, I just need to read what the rules are and get some ideas flowing as to what I wanna do

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Any specific game you looking at joining?

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Thinking of joining the immortal one, I need to read the rules more in depth tho, haven’t had the time yet cause work

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