First time dowloading the game failure

So this is my first time “playing” the game
but when i tried to launch ,it told me this !
I asked in discord,but no one knew what was causing the trobule

Based on the exit code I think your issue might be related to this:

which is the infamous sound related crash that we have no clue as to how to fix, but the next version will have a slightly overhauled audio system, which will hopefully resolve at least some of these audio crashes. Other than that it’s quite difficult to try to debug an issue that none of the programmers on the team get.

Maybe,but this one is not a crash like those,this one wont even let me open the game,it appears when i click on the button

You probably messed up in the Ogre menu.
@hhyyrylainen or @crodnu what’s the file you have to delete to reset the ogre options?

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Also i now tried to install 3.3 and happened the same when i tried to play,if that helps

huh. strange.
Are you sure you’re not fiddling around in the ogre menu?

yea,i just de-installed the file now,lemme try

Unfortunately, I’m having the same issue. I already de-installed the game more than three times in a row, tried other versions of the game to try to run it, deleted ogre.cfg a bunch of times, I even tried switching to dThriveLauncher to try to play the game. All of these options didn’t work at all

If you are getting the same error code, it most likely means that it is audio related. So disabling or switching your default audio device might help.

See this thread where this is also discussed (which I already posted in this thread): Crashes linked to sound (Windows 10: 64 bit)

I already tried that once, but it won’t hurt to try it again

Didn’t work

Maybe something is wrong with your computer? or possibly a program on your computer (a virus or something) is fiddling with the files? i dont really know much about how crash related stuff works

Crashes tend to be due to audio devices and thrive being an unfinished thing.

My CPU is a bit of an old model. It’s an Intel Celeron Dual Core, but usually my computer tends to freak out when It can’t run a certain game. The Launcher only displays that error, but when I try to play the zipped version of the game it doesn’t have any problems processing it but still the window crashes after loading the game for about 10 or 20 seconds, so I’m not sure if my pc is just trash, if I have viruses corrupting the files or I just installed or set up the game incorrectly.

I have already taken steps to reduce the audio related crashes (I’m hoping that you are also experiencing it) in the next version by using an up to date version of OpenAL Soft, which should have a lot of bug fixes and enhancements.

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I’m thankful that you developers are working on that. I really wanna play this game and I feel that it has crushing potential. I hope I can run the game on the next updates cause I still haven’t got the chance to play it