Fluidity/rigidity bar bug in cell editor in multicelular stage

Yeah so the bar is broken. As far as i can see it dosent affect gameplay as it resets when you go edit your organism ( not the cell)

There are a couple of issues that might be related:

Could you tell step by step what you did before the bug? Did you have modified game settings?

Yep, those issues are the most relevant open issues. Though neither of them is exactly as the issue described, as the issue can happen when the cost per step is too low, for example due to low mutation cost and being in multicellular. There is a fix to that issue by switching to a floating point (instead of a whole number) for the remaining MP, @KasterisK has worked a bit on this, but the changes did not end up being completed:

Hopefully that gets finished at some point as people keep running into this issue.