Flung in multicellular

My colony of cells was violently flung across the map, I should add that there were cells of another species stuck between the cracks in my colony and that might have caused it.


That explanation is likely accurate. Being flung at high speed sounds like a physics engine thing. Still I don’t know what we can do about this kind of problem.


The only thing feasible would seem to prevent other cells from getting stuck in your organism in the first place. But that itself is not easy I imagine, and it would involve reworking how cells are added to you organism to some degree. Like letting any news cells move into their designed position from the centre of your organism, shoving any foreign cells out of the way.

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“it’s not a bug it’s a feature” Obviously, cells from across the universe (Panspermia) blasted into your organism at a high speed, causing it to be flung across the map /sar

Right now the cell colonies use static structure physics shapes which are more performant but cannot change shape after creation. To slowly slide new cells into position would require switching to a combined physics body that can change shape after creation. This gets complicated fast. Another approach would be to detect any newly overlapping bodies after adding a new cell and teleporting those out or something, but that would also be a pretty complicated new feature with a lot of parts that might go wrong / have bugs.


Yeah, what I was considering is functionally:

Produce new (for now completely independent cell) that has no collision with the main organism but does have collision with other organisms → move to correct position → only now actually add it to the physics shape of the cell colony.