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Relationship to past creatures: eaten by selkish and chorlc
Name: Groll
Kingdom: Plantinoids
Discription: A small plant-like 5 - 10 cm in size that settles near places with a particularly strong underwater flow, it has a tube-like structure in the shape of an arch filled with valleys. This plant is able to live in deep places because they have found another way to produce energy: in special quartz-bearing cells, they are able to convert kinetic flow into energy for biological use, so they are less dependent on sunlight and able to settle in dark places as long as there is strong enough flow to sustain them. In rootstocks derived from Jiota, it is able to withstand the strong current. Because they are less dependent on sunlight, they are actually green-white.

Interesting facts: In order to survive in the strong currents, their shape allows them to face a strong flow and also uses it to reproduce through same-sex reproduction, and for them to reproduce, they are able to reproduce through their roots.