Forum Game Mechanic Testing

Use this to test mechanics for your forum games before you start them. The rules for setting up a situation are in the area bellow.

Situation setup
Rules for situation

The rules for the game you are testing would be put in here.


The situation in the game you are thinking of starting.

If you have any questions, ask.


I’m not quite finished, making the species, biome generator formulas, and a few other finishing touches done, but I’ll post mine here when it is ready


Here is a situation I want to test real quick.


Race name:

Attributes: You have 270 points. For each category you can fill between 5 and 70! The points will determine your chances of success in each category.


[Bonuses cannot exceed 80% at first]

Advantage: up to 2

Disadvantage up to one, u have to include if u add adv.
(in total, u have 2:1)

Size: What is the size of your Race

Description: Briefly describe how they look or behave

I do aloud to only one race or 3 sub race (race what have similar stuts and they are the same, but different like a mind-hive or multirace)

name for your civilization


You control your army. Each turn you can choose what your army does. Your surroundings are important, use them. You choose how many of what type of soldiers there are, where they move, and how they move. Depending on how you move your army, you will or will not have to roll on things such as: power, defense, agility, mysticism, and intelligence. Having different weapons and armor gives you different boosts depending on what they are. Your goal is to kill the Mother Eye, a 10 ft tall eye that has quills it can shoot out of itself and regenerate quickly. These quills act as both a defensive and offensive capability.


A civ you control wants to attack a boss, The Mother Eye,
Make a civ real quick so I can see what level I should assign to the boss
You will each start with an army of 100 soldiers.
Each turn you can move those soldiers to attack, defend, or reposition.
You can move 2 groups of soldiers in one turn.

Please let me know what you think of the rules and how I should level the boss on a scale of 1 to 5 difficulty level.

Here is some things I will suggest:

For joining, be creative! Make your own system for attributes! Being unique is what would really draw in my attention, and right if the bat I can tell that the joining section was copy and pasted from PH2, grammar errors and all.

Also, as to the bosses, as you make the boss why don’t you try to defeat the boss yourself, however you would. Depending on the number of turns it takes you, or how difficult you the creator find to beat it, use that to determine it’s ‘boss level’

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Hey everyone, Here is the basis for a Civ game I’m thinking of making, please tell me what you think of it and give me feedback! Anything helps!


At the beginning of time, there was nothing but black. Darker than the deepest of shadows, darkness so thick it was a physical feeling.

Out of this darkness, floating in the black, was a being with a small, rocky sphere. He admired this sphere, the only thing, other than him, present in the empty blackness of space. For the first time in millennia, the being felt touched, real. This being was known as The Twilight.

The Twilight was curious about this world, about how it came to be. It had sensed various portals opening and closing in neighboring realms, a vast infinity of life shifting, swirling, appearing and disappearing. He missed that life, and looking at the rocky sphere, an idea came to him.

Spreading his midnight wings, The Twilight summoned it’s powers, and in an explosion of light and life birthed the cosmos, eradicating the dark soup of the previous void to the far corners of the universe. He created the stars and other celestial illusions to scatter away the dark, and then unfurled the small rocky world into a blanket like shape, layering it with caves, the land and mountains, floating islands and a moon like desert, and the floating void beyond.

And he looked upon this world, and pondered it. It was a wonderful, amazing creation, but it was missing… something.

Looking into other dimensions he saw flowering dimensions and creatures abounding, and great feats of magic and technology, and knew what his world was missing… was Life. A purpose.

And so, sacrificing a portion of his own soul, he rained Magic down across the landscape and opened portals to other worlds, inviting in organisms of all kinds. This soul coalesced and rained in a sparkling shower of magic for these creatures to use, stones of immense power.

And this The Twilight saw as amazing, but found it was lonely. It searched for a lifeform to keep it company, and found nothing…except one. Armored in shining silver and with antlers adorning it’s head, it discovered Vrathsingar, the Warden. Giving him the largest piece of his formerly broken soul, The Twilight entrusted him to watch over it and the rest of the world, as it went into a castle of void to rest and recuperate its soul.

This world was the Wardens to protect now. But the Warden wouldn’t be able to do it alone. As his last command, The Twilight told the Warden to find others, representatives from across the world, who were smart and worthy of being raised to the level of god, of protector.

And protecting the world did need. For in the edge of the void did he sense a tear in reality, a monstrous thing of the void. He just hoped the world was ready for it.

Welcome, spirit guides, to…

Hey y’all, welcome to my Civ game, the Twilight Realm. This is a survival Civ game in a similar vein to the Pandora’s Horizon series and A Tale Of Earth And Sky. I’m still fleshing out the final details, but they should be ready relatively quickly to start the game.

The initial goal of this game is to fill up the Council of Time, who protects this world. Beyond that is for me to know and you to find out. There are 33 slots open on this council, one to correlate with each type of stone that can be found other than Astralium, the Stone of the Warden.

To become a ‘god’ (Note: these are not what we would normally think of when someone says ‘god,’ more like insanely powerful but benevolent protectors) a member of a Civ must have a connection with a magic stone, somehow have access to Astralium, and have at least 1,500 believers.

Do note that forced believers, or magically manipulated believers, instead of counting towards your number they will actually be equivalent to -2 believers.

A note on the map: I have coastline organized and everything, and while I am still working on the actual biome choosing system it will be mostly luck of the draw for the actual biomes you find.

In this game, there are 2000 animals, 4000 plant or plant-like species, 100 biomes, and 500 sapient species that you can encounter, and what you encounter depends on what biome you are in. An interesting aspect of this, however, is that of those numbers, the players can design 600 of the animals, 1000 of the plants, and 200 of the sapient species.

Am I expecting you, the players, to fill all of those spots? No, but I am making them available to you, and will have more details on submissions and how that works in a dm group, just tell me if you are interested.

Now, it seems like I’ve missed a pretty important aspect, yeah? Players, and how they can join. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten.

To join, you need to design your Civ. Multi-race civ’s are allowed, however you must start with only one race in your Civ. Here is the format:

Name of Race:

Description of race, including any hidden abilities like venom and how they look:

Behavior of race:

What biome you live in:

You have 30 points to spend in 6 categories. You may only spend a minimum of zero and a maximum of 10 points in each category. A perfectly balanced Civ has 5 in each category. The categories are:


A 10 in one category will boost your roll for your vote that round (I will be using a D20) by 50%, and in a similar vein a 0 will lower it by 50%.

Next, Advantages and Disadvantages. Must be a 2:1 ratio, talk to me about special circumstances. I will determine how much of a buff or debuff each will give.



Finally, give me your Civ’s description and name.

I will accept as many people as want to join into the game. However, Once I start the game players will only be able to join every five rounds, at an event called the Summit. More on that later. Players must be online fairly often, as I will post a new round as soon as I have all of the votes. A player has 3 days at max to vote, and if they do not they will miss the round. Miss three consecutive rounds, or every other round for six rounds, etc, and your Civ collapses and you will have to restart at the next summit.

The Summit is an event that happens in the middle of every season, and a season lasts 5 days long. At the summit, a book known as The Book of Botany, Beasts, and other Bedazzling facts is updated, for the whole game, and all other players will know of any discoveries you have made and their civs will be able to act upon that info, actively looking for a plant or material they haven’t found before. Also, at each summit the players can vote on what buff they want for the next five rounds out of 10 possible buffs. Those are:

  • Mystic
  • Charisma
  • Power
  • Defense
  • Agility
  • Intelligence
  • Pop Growth
  • Agriculture/livestock productivity
  • Double roll (I make two roles for your vote, and then roll a D6. If the D6 lands 1-3, I use the lower roll. 4-6, the higher one)
  • Taming/Initial Domestication or growing buff (more likely to tame or begin growing/using an organism)

Finally, we have how voting works. You may do one action per vote. Each person starts with one vote, and can gain more votes by leveling up their vote bar.

The vote bar is a system I devised where you need a certain amount of points from various different discovery activities. you must be the first in the game to do this. These are:

Discover a new plant/plant like creature: 1 pt

Discover a new animal/creature: 2 pt

Discover a new civilization advancement (metalworking, agriculture, etc): 5 pt

Discover one of the 33 magic stones: 10 pt

Make one of your Civ members into a ‘god’: 20 pt

To get a new vote, you must pass a certain number of points. Everytime you get a vote, your points reset to zero. The cost of the next vote is always double that if the previous vote. For example:

Vote 2: 20 pt

Vote 3: 40 pt

Vote 4: 80 pt

And so on and so forth.

So I know I said finally before, but here is the actual last thing:

Limits In Gods, the runic system, and Carrying Capacity

While gods are powerful, they aren’t all powerful, and have limits. Those are;

Once they become a god, they can help their Civ, but cannot actively harm another Civ. Also, a god is not controlled by the Civ who made it, but once every five rounds (every summit cycle) a Civ can use a vote to ‘pray’ to their gods and have them help them in some way, whether that is teaching them specific runes for certain magics (I will get into the details of the runic system elsewhere, but basically it is intent combined with a specific word that correlates to that intent), or giving them a small stat boost for the next round, etc.

And then, Carrying Capacity. I will be using Dooms carrying capacity system, though I have my own way to determine your max CC vs. your available CC. HOWEVER, if anyone has any ideas at all about how I can make a unique but similar system, please let me know.

Now, I hope you enjoy your stay in the Twilight Realm. Please reserve your spot as soon as you see this if you are interested. I will be finishing up the biome picker system and creature creation (including adding player stuff, so be sure to submit before then!) before the game starts, so you have until then to reserve your spot.

Please do not post any more than absolutely necessary, as soon as you reserve your spot I will add you to a general chat where you can do whatever, but I would like to keep this clear for future players who might want to join.

Again, Enjoy your time in…


This is what I would actually post to start off the game


That looks like an awesome game and I want you to start it. What kinds of stones are there?

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The specifics will be a secret until the game start and people find the stones, but there are generally some elemental stones, as well as some more unique aspects like different wavelengths (light, sound, etc) and some more unique ones (like my capture stones)

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Are there intelligence stones?
(This is literally all I need to know)

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There is a stone that boosts mental abilities (intel, charisma, etc), yes

No guarantee you will find it tho

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My cat people will dominate the world with the god of intelligence!

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Do you have any ideas on how to improve it?

For example, I would love to have a system similar to but not identical to Carrying Capacity, do you have any ideas?

Also, I might as well type up my ‘creature submission’ and ‘runic system’ explanations, I will do that in this thread tomorrow probably for feedback before I post the game

I don’t think you need to change anything. It’s a really good game design.

Thanks! I just don’t want to copy doom

I actually think I have an idea for the system to change it tho and make me satisfied with it, I will post it here tomorrow with my other things

Again, really glad you like it. Was there anything in the explanation that you found hard to understand or confusing?

No, it was well explained, I will probably copy some stuff from it when I decide to make a forum game.

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As A side note, there was a typo. In the god section, it was meant to say ‘it (the god) is not controlled by the Civ’ (or something along those lines) but instead it said something along the lines of ‘it is it controlled by the Civ’

It looks very interesting

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Okay, here are my three ideas

Organism Submission

Hey y’all! Welcome to the submission dm. Here is where you can submit your ideas for races, creatures, and plant-like organisms to be submitted into the game

Currently there is no room for biomes, but submit ideas anyway! If I like one enough I’ll add it into the game, like I did with UndyingHazards primordial Reef

So, how do you submit?I’ll put the guidelines down below. But first;

Please do note that while your Ideas can have magic as part of their thing in the submission, they will not in the game, and I will adapt them to be more realistic.

Also, DO NOT submit things from real life, or other sources of media. They can be inspired by it and look a lot like it, but it can’t be identical, or have something minor like it’s eye color changed.

For creatures;


Description (physical appearance and special abilities like venom):


Biome in which they live (I will put it in the closest biome to the one in your submission):

What they eat/energy source(s):

Other Facts:

Rarity Level (1-5):

Also, category. Animals must fall in one of 10 categories, and can only have one category:

  • Reptile
  • Amphibian
  • Mammal
  • Fish
  • Bird
  • Arthropod
  • Sessile Animal
  • Tunicates/Woodwaifs
  • Other Invertebrates
  • Non-LAWK animals (hexapods (other than fish derived lineages like Stormskitterers or Bassdgers), Giant ferrovores, etc.)

For Plants/Plant like organisms:

The only thing different from above from the Animal submissions is the Categories available, of which there are 15. These are:

  • Trees
  • Flowers
  • Mosses/Lichen/Ferns
  • Other LAWK based plants
  • Gluetraps
  • Mushrooms
  • Other LAWK based Fungus
  • Shroomyfish/Shroomystalkers/Shroomyserpents
  • Algae
  • Algal Plants
  • Bacteria Alternate Plants
  • Hotrocks
  • Tubehorns
  • Planimals
  • Other types of alternate ‘plants’

Finally, sapient submission. It is the exact same idea as Civ submission, with the same rules, just without the Civ name and description. Sapients can fall into ANY of the above categories.

Runic System

The runic system is a complex affair, and I can explain how the actual writing looks later, and will once you get to that level and learn runes, but all that needs to be known know is that each line represents a specific letter and where it is in the word, and depending on where that is the rune will glow a different color, resulting in rainbow runes.

The word a rune translates to (it translates into English) also must correlate with the intent of the carver of the rune for the magic to work.

Alternate System to CC

I was mulling this over in my head, and realized that I had an excellent idea for an alternate system to CC. You see, I have tiles overlayed on the coastline map that I will be using for biome determining, and so I can use those for something similar to carrying capacity.

You see, when you explore you can either choose to explore to the North, south, east, west, northeast, or northwest. So to make CC work, your population growth could follow this equation:

Current pop * Population growth * ((tiles available/number of tiles with food) / tiles available) = pop growth

So while it is a very similar equation to dooms CC, I feel that in execution it is different enough.

Still editing, accidentally posted

Edit: Finished! Tell me what you think!

I would love some feedback, and then I’ll open the game itself in it’s own topic

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I’ll wait a bit longer and then I’ll post the topic if there is no further feedback

I’ll wait til 12 pm EST (5:00 pm/17:00 UTC) until I post the topic

UNLESS I get feedback sooner, then I’ll just post