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This thread is for sharing websites and advice that can help people make forum games.

Donjon is a site that can generate random worlds, names, quests, roll dice, create monsters and much more. (Site status: Online)

Azgaar’s Fantasy map generator can generate full maps with hundreds of individual towns. (Site status: Online)

GMWorldmap is a tool that generates a endless procedural landscape. When you open it it always starts you at the same spot, so my advice is to zoom out to max and then look for a region that looks good to you. (Site status: Online)


Cool thread and cool links, they sound pretty useful.

If you need a name for something, Fantasy Name Generator could be pretty handy to use.
They have many categories to choose from. Things like: Species names, Location names, names for fantasy plants and many more.
I highly recomend checking this one out if you have difficulties coming up with names for something.

This site should work fine on any device.

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Hey, do you guys want me to edit the main post when adding new sites or just post it as a reply?

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I’d say new posts, because I don’t often check back old posts.

Posting new stuff should also prevent this thread being buried under new threads.

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GIMP is a free editing software in the same vain as photoshop. You can use it to draw a map and then edit it as your forum game goes on.
(Site status: Online)

Space Engine is a Game/Tool/Engine that can generate a procedural universe for you to explore, it takes pride in being as scientific accurate as possible so if you want a idea for a realistic planet or just a quick image of a planetoid in your forum games solar system then this is for you. Its also free.
(Site status: Online)

1 Like is a good random number generator


Seventh Sanctum is a site with tons of random generates ranging from magic spells to entire alien races, it even has a nexus of other sites that you can use too.
(Site Status: Online)

Chaoticshiny is a generator site which can generate in depth religions, flags and civilizations.

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This Wikipedia page can help to make unique dietary needs for your species.

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