Forum search is broken

To report bugs on the forums.

Whenever I try to use the search function, a prompt tells me “Internal Server Error”, which prevents me from searching for anything on the forums.

It happens with me too. Perhaps because of the things hhyyrylainen did in the forum himself. But just perhaps, i dont know.
Also nice topic Idea!

Post scriptum: Also when I dislike and like again a post, It works, but a prompt appears saying: “You cant view the requested resource”


It was just an hour or two that I had my tests active. Pretty sure this is a discourse bug.
Looks like I can’t run the small updates currently, so I’ll do a site rebuild which causes some downtime.

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Looks like the chat plugin is to blame, I’ll remove it for now to get search working.

Edit: search is now back but the shoutbox is on hiatus for the time being.
Sorry for all the extra downtime today.


Does the shoutbox conversation still exist?

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I think the data shouldn’t get deleted, but may be inaccessible until the plugin is updated to be compatible with latest discourse version.

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