Fractal symetry?

Will fractal symmetry be a thing? Although not extremely popular in organisms, it could have many benefits to the user.

Some benefits of this may be:
Increased efficiency for food collecting
Mesmerizing patters that attract some organisms

Some detriments could be:
Less Hit points
Less durability

Why would these be the negatives?

I think early multicellular creatures heavily used fractals in their shapes, because they are simpler to encode in DNA (ie. it probably requires fewer instructions), thus making it likely that we could have an MP discount or something to have symmetrical parts to reflect that it is easier to code for that in DNA or something.


it is a thing already. You can have 2, 4 and 6 way symmetry so far in the editor.

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But you don’t get a discount for symmetrical organelles so there isn’t really a point

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