Friendly-Fire in Multicellular

In the microbe stage, if you try to poke one of your kind with a predatory pilus, it will not damage them or the other way around. However, I noticed in multicellular it is possible, I was able to damage members of my species and the other way around too.

After I evolved once, it is now only possible on some of my species not all of them.

Wasn’t this patched ages ago?

It’s been patched a bunch of times, most recently in 0.5.10…

Did you check their names? It is possible that a slightly mutated variant of your species appeared that you mistook for your own species.

If there’s a save where this happens that would be very useful to have to check the technical details and figure out why the game doesn’t consider the microbes to be of the same species.

I remember well that they had the same name. My theory is that those were the same just still in the microbe stage because cells around you are left there when you evolve/reproduce.

0.5.10 is now the 3rd time that I’ve tried to fix that bug, so I’d be very interested to know if it is actually still happening.

it is still happening and i like using that bug to evolve my organism to where i want it in multicellular because you can just get a colony of 100 cells, go into the multicell editor, make your cell twice as big, and engulf the other cells after setting entity limit to tiny, and BOOM 20 evolutions on average