From Natural Behaviours to Cultural Features

Different niches of animals will have different traits, which seems like it would lead to different types of culture. For example, here would be some ways that I’d say natural niches would translate into cultures

  • Predators become Hunter (Gatherers)
  • Phoresites, Parasites, and other Symbiotes become Pastoralistic
  • Grazers and Browsers become Agriculturalistic
  • Migrators become Nomads
  • Eusocial Creatures start out with Cities

These differences in start point will have heavy impacts on the development of the stages: For example, a eusocial migrator will essentially have a moving city from day one, which will likely stay the same throughout the rest of the stages


predators is too broad, and also I’m definitely going to make a text wall on flying critters if no one else does soon. good topic idea, if very debatable on all points, prolly should’ve been in awakening instead of aware.

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I changed it myself :slight_smile:

So this will kind of be like how in spore your behavior changes the next stage right?

i didn’t know i have this kind of power

Ok, what I really like in political coordinates is that everything is color coded and that everything is grossly oversimplified so it is probably wrong, but they have it in spore, so who cares?
I will have basics of coordinates from original post, so I have just removed responsibility from me, anyway, we will have 4 criteria: from carnivore to herbivorous, from relying on many species to symbiosis, from social to unsocial, from living in one place to migrators. I will try to colorcode them in cmyk, so see ya in 3 billion hours when I’m done!

Don’t double post btw

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I had two Ideas: use 2 2d planes or 4 lines to represent 4 criteria

I haven’t came up with cool colors, so I will belive browser
I also wouldn’t upload code because it is a mess


I was recently reading Children of Time (I highly recommend), and this subject was discussed. I feel like your idea could go much farther than what you have said. The “starting” features of a species culture could also involve how they treat each gender, how K or R selecting the species is, how it communicates, and presumably more. I dont think it would feel quite wrote if sapient lizards and sapient otters had the same culture.