Fruit of the Loom

I have some questions about the auto-evo, first about fruits,nuts and others seed dispersal. How will they evolve, why would they evolve the only thing I can think of is if its programed so the more fruit is eaten the larger the population will grow or just so the plant has more energy to grow with otherwise why would the plants waste energy making them.

Also could I play alongside both bug sized and dinosaur sized animals in my world or will all the animals only be a certain size difference from me for performance. So could a bug like animal be eaten by a birdish animal and the bird be eaten by a dinosaur sized animal.


Great question! I think we will probably treaty big and small creatures equally (0.4.0) already has this in the form of the bacteria , eukaryote dichotomy. They are equally simulated even though bacteria are much more numrous.

And Tjwhale (new design lead) (whom i agree with) is not a an of any arbitrary differences in treatments of different creatures.

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