FTF 0: Forum Game Completed

Official Realm 0 of the Knowledgeverse.

Feed The Factory

Create factories of insane proportions!

Robot Army? Done.

Ftl Travel? You dont have it yet?

Ascension to Realm 1? Slow your horses bud!

On a planet of destruction and creation, where a simple spirit of life can gain consciousness, there exists you, salutations REDACTED we hope to see you in the higher REDACTED soon.

Background Info

You are a spirit, and have no physical form, in fact you only encompass your land, or SHIRE, you can only effect it with ACTS.

Your URISHIRE is your spirits aptitude towards a specific spectrum, this affects production.

Endgame, every round starting from 2 has a production requirement of coin, the real takes energy from this matter in exchange for letting you stay there, the moment you don’t have enough gold, you are absorbed by the Realmwrath.

Realm 0 Compass

There exists an open research tree in this universe, it is not static, though there are certain milestones you must achieve in time.

Getting Started

To join you must put down your Urishire,

Red - 0: Gives 10% Excavation speed,

Yellow - 0: Gives 10% Manufacturing speed,

Green - 0: Gives 10% Energy Production,

Blue - 0: Gives 10% Research Speed,

Beware, this will impact you when you REDACTED.

Then we will randomly select a Shire for you, a plot of land, let the conquest begin.


There are approximently REDACTED rounds until the end of the realm.

In this time you will be given One act,

Vote; random knowledge, 58

Each vote will be rated by a D100, 1 is the greatest value, 2 is the second worst, while 100 is the worst and 99 is the second best.

"You must satisfy the realm! " A being made of light appears in front of you, basking in a etheral holy light.

“Else you will be consumed by the Realmwrath!”

A dark tendril of etheral energy bursts out of a crack in space, the writhing being made of darkness seemingly sucks the energy out of the light being, shreiks of pain and anguish fill the void, as the light gradually fades from the holy beings body.

“My time has come, a debt may only be paid in blood.”

The being weakly laughed,

“I have a feeling you will be able to escape this eternal prison, best of luck, young Urishired.”

The being dissolves into the fabric of the realm, as a small glass like shard of nameless energy fuses with your body.

You have arrived at FTF, realm 0.

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I will join but how do we make an Urishire?

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Read getting started

I want to join and I looked at getting started and saw this

hm, what are the colors for? and are we choosing which one?

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ok then, since you didn’t specify how many points we add to destribute:

Red - 1000000000000000000000000000000000000

Yellow - 1000000000000000000000000000000000000

Green - 1000000000000000000000000000000000000

Blue - 1000000000000000000000000000000000000

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You don’t distribute points, Its a pick and choose, though new abilities will be added in higher realms

I want to join and I looked at getting started and saw this

hm, what are the colors for? and are we choosing which one?

The colors are Urishires, or your solus base. You are not a person but a spirit.

ok, assuming we can choose multiple I choose red and yellow.
assuming we can only choose one, yellow.

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Then why include numbers?

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0: ← Realm #.

how many colors can we choose

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I will choose blue then

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As I said, yellow.

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I choose green as my color

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I think I’ll play to.
My color shall be Blue!

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My Color Shall Be The Great And All Powerful Green!

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I’ll join, I’ll go with blue

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gonna go with red
cuz its the only colour no one chose yet

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No need to go farther

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Imma join to
My colour is yellow there

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