Full screen unavailable after 5.5 on higher res monitors

The game will not go to full screen on 1440p monitors after 5.5, I have tried lowering the set resolution on that monitor and that didn’t work, it still stays the same size, even after a full reload, I don’t have this problem on 1080p monitors however. (I saw a resolution setting in game but I couldn’t figure out how to change it, if this fixes my problem please tell me.)

Godot engine doesn’t really support resolutions setting. It always uses the monitor native resolution, though we could render at lower resolution to improve performance (and there is an open issue to investigate this:

I don’t think we really do anything special regarding fullscreening in Godot. Can you maybe take a screenshot or a picture with your phone to show what this issue looks like? Does it help if you press F11 to toggle fullscreen and then move the Thrive window to another monitor before pressing F11 again?

I don’t think we updated the engine version between 0.5.4 and 0.5.5 (or any code related to fullscreen) so I really don’t know why this version would break for you.

Also it would be great if you can find a Godot sample (for example GitHub - godotengine/tps-demo: Godot Third Person Shooter with high quality assets and lighting</title) and test if that also has the fullscreening issue. That would confirm this to be an engine issue.

ill test these when i get home and get back to you

I thought I already replied here already but…

Here is what it looks like before F11-ing

Pressing F11 twice fixes this issue

Not really sure how to run the Godot demo you sent, but Ill try and get it running today and get back, help on this would be appreciated.

That looks like the game has fullscreened but hasn’t resized the window to actually fill the screen. Only taking up the default window size of 720p in the middle. As exiting and entering fullscreen mode again fixes it, I’m going ahead and saying that this is a Godot bug related to starting in fullscreen mode.

With Godot bugs, I’ve told people to go ahead and report this to the Godot developers, as they are the ones who can fix this, and likely would want additional details. It would be excellent if you can find a Godot sample project that exhibits the same problem as that would make it easier to convince the Godot developers that the bug is theirs.