Further community input on Deus' proposed combat revamp/Collation of ideas on board that could fit

Based on Comprehensive Combat Revamp - Gameplay - Thrive Development Forum

I think the archetype system is an adequate solution to redefining combat to be more engaging for the player. Therefore below I have collated some of the suggestions already on this board that are relevant/could fit with the proposed system.

Potential Archetype

{Note this behaviour type could represent a different archetype of parasite which could play by slowly killing host cells by consuming their internals. Also give a new use for endotoxins as a repellent to parasites}

Shield/tank potential abilities

Other and multicellular changes

Going forth we should also consider the Maxonovien proposition. So when deciding which abilities could work, not all need to directly offensive. Also I didn’t include it but the collective upgraded single flagella idea could be an example of creating an architype by protein adjacency. like Speedy could come from three or more adjacent flagellum or poison could come from adjacent poison types. This kind of gives an intuitive path to class specialisation/synergy potential as briefly discussed as mixing class types (e.g. poison tank, speedy parasite, shielded sessile) (Speedy parasite could be having a triple adjacent flagellum and two pili straws and perhaps a lysosome, and once your cell has this synergy it might get certain minor bonuses like speed or improved health etc etc)

Post original post ideas:
Radiosynthesis: Radiotrophy - Gameplay - Thrive Development Forum
(from: Radiosynthesis (Cells absorbing Ionizing radiation for energy) · Thrive Suggestions)
*Cool little potential environmental hazard presented by Don Gororo, alternative to photosynthesis. Could work really well in deeper environments (caves/vents) as kind of a more rare iron rock. Also gives another potential floating mineral/resource source acting as a ‘radiant’ charging type rather than a gathering (In line with cloud revamp/implementing mineral chunks). Even deeper, could be used to promote sticking to deep early game out of interest to promote longer progression/part discovery in microbe stage, also if GOE or alternative is introduced as a sub mechanic (obviously would be hard to model any amount accurately).

Symbiosis mechanic:
(Symbiosis gameplay avenue · Thrive Suggestions)
Proposal for use and benefits in my comment here.


Appreciate this effort. More information always helps developer discussions go smoother.

If you find other cellular organelles which remind you of something in that thread, do point it out. We likely won’t consider adding very nuanced and specific mechanics, but it could always help.