Future wiki content & development concepts/decisions

A long time ago, a wiki was made for Thrive devs. It is based on wikidot, but wikidot is not regularly updated and it’s not linked to discourse. Also, the content on the wiki might be outdated. Then came the day I asked @hhyyrylainen about the wiki, and he said that there will be a new one based on MediaWiki, which can be linked to discourse users (meaning all Thrive devs will be able to log in on the wiki without creating another account). In this thread, I want to discuss about the future wiki content, the game’s concepts and features that are to be implemented and the devs decisions on the game.
Since I’m a bit confused about what features are planned, I want to ask about it to developers of Thrive. In other words, I’m asking to devs what features are planned, so that I can make a list about them. Then, I’ll ask the details about the planned features (math rules, decided or in debate, etc.) to take note of them in this thread.

I’m also asking about what content of the current wiki is outdated and what is not.

Here : http://thrivegame.wikidot.com/microbe-stage-gdd

So far, the only concepts I was able to catch the names were :

  • CPA (Compounds, Process and Autoevo, I think)
  • Patches (map telling how biomes are linked between each other)
  • New GUI (well, it’s pretty self-explanatory)
I know there was dev thread about Features Release Plan, but it seemed outdated too, unless I’m wrong. Also, I’m not focusing on each release, I’m more focusing on features themselves. Since some features seem to be in a kind of debate, I’d like to know what is definitely decided and what is not about each feature.

Thanks and have fun! (gabeN)

I’m a bit confused by this thread. But I’ll try replying as I’ll probably end up being the only developer responding.

There isn’t some hidden grand list of features that are to be included. Each release will have the features proposed once the previous version has been released. We have a thread for holding links to all the discussions + some longer term feature plans:

You can Read this thread as to why there isn’t a grand plan: https://forum.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/t/improvement-proposal/617

Unknown. After going through all the pages and updating them, can it be known what was outdated. Though, there are certain clues: all references to slack, release plans, and microbe stage features that contradict newer discussions, are outdated.

All features on Github are more or less set in stone: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/milestone/12 but they may be pushed back to later releases if the core features for a release are ready and we don’t want to wait for the other features of a release to be completed.

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Since I’m getting hyped about the new wiki, I’m going to make a report on my own about planned features and future wiki content (especially about microbe stage). In the report, the following subjects will be told :
  • Planned features
  • Old Microbe Stage GDD review & update (basing myself on dev threads, I’ll what is outdated and what is not in the wiki)
  • Future wiki content
I suggest that instead of removing the ability to sink, there may be another organelle or adaption : a gas vacuole. It would be an organelle accumulating and regulating light gases to allow its cell to float and control its buoyancy by ejecting and absorbing light gases. The gas vacuole should be inside the membrane, so that it may easily regulate its gases.

How did you conclude that options menu is a priority feature? It isn’t included in our plans for 0.4.2. Also most of the other stuff is incorrect as well.

Here’s a list with incorrect items removed:

  • Options menu
  • Loading screen
  • Agents (no plan to change the shot Xses for next release)
  • Bacteria swarm (already in the game)
  • Combat Overhaul
  • Environmental diffusion
  • Patches
  • Biomes (this was already in the game)
  • Fluid simulation
  • More work on CPA (possible primitive auto-evo)
  • Organelle endocytosis
  • Rescaling organelles
  • Reworked movement (cilia and flagella)

If something isn’t here: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/milestone/12 it isn’t planned for 0.4.2. Though, if someone wants to work on something specific and it gets finished in time for 0.4.2 then it can be included even if it isn’t on that list.

Note that the first post of this thread:

Has a copy of the old plan. The last few posts has the result of the discussion.

I didn’t really get the part about the wiki review.

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Thank you, I really thought they were core features of the next release. The wiki review is essentially determining what is outdated from the wiki gdd and what is not.
So, next release is mainly about patches and CPA… .
By the way, what happened to the Appendice spreadsheet? It has been unlocked for a long time until recently. Is someone updating it?

If you are referring to the specific google spreadsheet I think you are referring to, then I don’t know what happened to it. We discovered today on the dev discord that the link wasn’t working anymore (one more reason to require things be put on the wiki).

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I found an old copy of the microbe stage appendices. I agree that it would be nice to have it on the wiki.


Shame that there’s so little there… anyway I saved it on the new wiki:

Edit: I ignored the tabs. I’ll copy the other stuff as well if no one else does it.


I did a mini-update on my report (biomes). You can check it out.

I copied the rest of the things over. I also added a cool new template for marking outdated pages.

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Well done. You’ve done a good job at organizing the new wiki, @hhyyrylainen. @Omicron will be happy to read the new GDD when it’s out.
P. S. : Lol, I just noticed it was my version of the file. Oh well… . I think the processes are to be updated, especially the metal respiration ones (I never learnt metal respiration in biology).
Also, what is going to happen to macromolecules (fatty acids, amino acids, nucleotides, nucleic acids, lipids, proteins, etc.)? I’ve seen some people on dev forum saying that they are abandoned, but is it definitive?

I won’t be making an updated version of that… it’s way too much work for me.

Yeah, I know. I wasn’t saying it would be regularly updated. I was just joking about @Omicron’s profile description : “I’m trapped in a vicious cycle of reading the GDD, getting hyped about Thrive, slowly losing the hype and repeating”.

The rest will be updated in a very, very long time.

How many of the mutations and compounds in the Appendices are planned? Because that’s a lot of cool features and I don’t know what’s outdated and what not. Sounds exciting anyway!


It’s more of a possible ideas list than a features waiting to be implemented. I agree though there’s a lot of cool stuff in there. I’d like there to be a lot of cool organelles to pick from.

Speaking of organelles, have you read this post (Future wiki content & development concepts/decisions)? What do you think about it? Would it be realistic? Could it be implemented into the game?

About buoyancy? I’m not sure about that, firstly it sounds cool and is clearly something fish use. However I don’t think most microbes use it as a technique, if you can find examples that would be really helpful.

Microbes are close to the size of water molecules so for them it’s more like being in a ball pond rather than how water is to us so it’s not so easy to move up I think.

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Actually, I found something interesting about gas vacuole (I actually thought it was theoretical, but apparently it’s not).

Here :



What do you think about it, @tjwhale?

Ok yeah awesome thanks for finding those. I guess they are real and sound interesting :slight_smile:

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