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Does anyone else have trouble getting enough sugar as a predator? Sometimes it feels like I’m forced into photosynthesis as even though i have more then enough phosphorus and amonia I have to eat nonstop just for the sugar. It’s way to hard to specialize into a plant, because we need to find phosphorus, or an Animal, because without photosynthesis you run out of sugar very fast. Especially when you start adding additional cells which slows you down. Is the carnivorous plant meta intentional?

You cant have your cell rely on glucose too much if you want to be a non plant carnivore. you have too masively diversify the resources you turn into ATP. Preferably you would also go into the resource richest area of the thermal vents if you wanted to live off of found minerals and carnivoury. The Plant Meta is something that is currently only temporary, since eventually it is planned to add a day night cycle to make it harder to be a plant. I personally hardly ever experience the issue of low minerals, as i tend to have a diversified set of organelles to turn everything into enery. Ofcourse something else that you should definetly have is a few chemoreceptors.

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I guess, but I think it shouldn’t be so hard to live by eating photosynthesisers as that is quite common irl. Algae for instance use polysaccharides and cellulose to build their cell walls which are carbohydrates. Cyanobacteria use Peptidoglycan which is also made from glucose and can be broken back down into glucose and nucleotides.

In the past I’ve managed by playing as photo-synthesizers for a while first, then transitioning to a predator role by getting rid of any thylakoids/chloroplasts a bit after I add a nucleus. It helps ensure there is an abundance of other photo-synthesizers to eat.


Do you think there will eventually be a thermosynthesis meta, when photosynthesis is nerfed by adding the day-night cycle?

I mean thermosynthesis can only be used in hot regions. People wont be able to play outside the thermal vents. Id say give a kind of nerf to thermosynthesis, like reducing the atp gained at higher temps to the point where people would have to rely on resources and predation.

Why? That’s like saying “people shouldn’t be able to rely on photosynthesis alone to survive”

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Originally i wrote a good sized texts talking about it but ill rather keep it short:
If you give people the ability to fully rely on photosynthesis, theyll keep growing their cell without any brainpower required. However if you force them to diversify, or in other words actually be creative ,when creating things, like we know nature is, youll end up with amazing ideas from people to work around those pesky shortcomings that you have to deal with when just relying on one thing.
Or to say it better: If you focus on relying on one thing, you will sacrifice most content of the game just to not have to think about what you do in a game of biology and evolution.

Its fine if this was something added for hard mode only so that atleast the experienced thrive players are then forced to do other things than just: Here a thermoplate, there a thermoplaste, everywhere a thermoplaste. And boom infinite ATP. It takes alot of challenge out of a game (which the game should be challenging since its a game about evolution and 99.99% of stuff goes extinct), which can be easily fixed if this maybe not so simple addition was made.

Doesn’t you still need to find phosphate as a plant to survive?
And also are irl organisms really not able to fully rely on it?

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That would completely decouple thrive from the concept of trying to simulate actual living ecosystems. You’re essentially saying plants should not exist, which I don’t think is a good idea even for hard mode.

Rather, since you are getting a ton of energy/resources reliably, you should be hounded by countless predators coming to steal your resources. I think that’s where the challenge should come from in this playstyle. So, if you want to nerf the autotrophic organelles, it should be in ways that make you more vulnerable, make it harder to live in general, not by making you not fully rely on them. (I am not sure how you would even accomplish the latter) Instead, being an autotroph could force you to specialize into it even harder, and not let you be an effective predator at the same time.


that’s like saying mixotrophs should not exist when in reality the majority of the most successful organisms are unicellular mixotrophs
instead the game should make you have to evolve a protein or enzyme that does the same thing as RuBisCO if you want to be a prokaryotic autotroph that only consumes dissolved gasses as you have to get the carbon from somewhere and you would also have to make sure you are producing enough energy and sequestering enough carbon which would be a balancing act for all prokaryotes and thus organelles and you would have to make a cell that does what you want an organelle to do and wait for a species to diverge from yours so you can eat it until you get it to stay in your body if you want a custom living organelle. with that much effort required if someone wants to be a polynucleic/eukaryotic/prokaryotic autotroph let them

Incorrect, I was not saying mixotrophs should not exist, I was only saying the game should not force every organism to be a mixotroph. The latter would fit our real world just as poorly as mixotrophs not existing.

By the way willow, you realize you’re still replying to almost half a year old comments (mine, in this case)? I took the extra effort to reply to you here, but that required me to first:

  1. Read and comprehend your comment (this is of course always necessary)
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As for the rest of your comment, I’m very sorry to say the lack of punctuation makes it very difficult for me to understand. Perhaps you could rephrase if you want a response?


oh i did not realize that. i found it on the suggested topics list and did not look at the date because i just don’t remember to do that