Game crashes if entering editor at frame you died

If you are dying and at the same time you lose your last bit of health, if you click the editor button at the same time as that, the game will crash instantly (no signs, it doesnt freeze or lag, it just instantly closes), i cant include logs because im dumb and closed before that, i dont know if its already patched (i had the glitch before steam release) but im including as much detail as i can, i have no cheats or mods on and default settings.
Edit: Ive tried alot of times to replicate the crash, and its very hard to do, so if it is still not fixed, its a probably a really minor bug

This may be fixed. We’ve added code that disables the editor button immediately once it is detected that the player is dead. Without a log file (which should include the C# crash callstack) this would be very difficult to 1) verify if it happens again or 2) try to fix this pretty much blind.

That explains why it was so hard to replicate