Game crashes when entering the load save menu

The issue I am having seems to be very similar to this thread, although I do not know if it has been fixed since then since the thread is over 3 years old, hence why I am posting this bug report.

Anyway, this bug seems to occur when you close the game using the game window’s close button. Then if the game is loaded up, and you attempt to load a save, the game crashes. But like in the previous thread, if you start a new game, then attempt to load a game from that new game, loading a save works just fine. I found that after closing the game through the in-game “Exit game” button on the main menu, then loading the game again, that this crash does not occur, and will not occur until you close the game through the game window’s close button. I have attached my pastebin crash report here:

I hope this brings some new light onto the issue, if the issue has persisted for 3+ years. I don’t know if this counts as a repost of the same issue, but figured I would post anyway just in case. I use Ubuntu 21.10.

I think you might be experiencing this issue:

I think you might be seeing random results instead of how you close the game affecting it.

I think the issue is made worse by multithreaded rendering option which we have had enabled for a little while now. I don’t see benefits from it, so I’ll disable it for the next release, which would hopefully make things better (

I’ve reported (what I think is related to) the underlying problem to Godot in this load menu crash:

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Well I hope that disabling it fixes the issue. Thanks for the info! Hopefully more info comes back from the Godot bug report you sent.