Game Crashing repeatedly

My game has been repeatedly crashing. I tried deleting the ogre.cfg file and changing the settings and nothing has changed. it crashes before I can even finish the tutorial. There is nothing in the log that changes as an error or anything so I don’t know what is causing it but it didn’t crash before I turned fullscreen off so the only thing I can thing of would be that is somehow making it crash.

I’m not really sure what the issue might be. But does it crash always or just most of the time?

The real question is… what’s your operating system? Any severely outdated hardware (several years and more)? If you aren’t running on a old operating system and aren’t on decade-old hardware, then it might be something to do with your monitor/graphics driver. I’m definitely not 100% sure on anything I’m saying in this post, but try reinstalling Thrive and see if it still crashes if you turn fullscreen off(keep the old files of Thrive that crashed up on your computer so that you can check with the developers on a way to fix the crashes)

Major disclaimer: I am not a developer, and nor am I really a programmer. I also haven’t played/downloaded the newest version of Thrive, so take everything I say with a sea of salt.

it crashes most of the time but one time it let me play for like 20 minutes :neutral_face:

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I’m running windows 10 but it could be that my graphics driver needs an update. I’ll try that and get back to you.

it also crashes if I try to load any games I save

This sounds like many of the bug reports we have had in the past about the save loading not working and random crashes after a while caused by the audio part.

ah if it’s a common bug then there’s probably not much I can do. oh well I keep checking back with future updates and such

hey I actually got an error in the log this time when I tried to load my save file.
check it out if it might help other people.

Playing Thrive 0.3.4
Thrive is running. Log output:
Process Started
Loaded new AlphaHit texture: ThriveGeneric.png (2701x1001)
LuaEngine init started

Available Playback Devices:
0): Generic Software on Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) [DEFAULT]
1): Generic Software on Realtek HDMI Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)
2): Generic Software on Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)

Attempting default device: Generic Software on Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Thrive version 0.3.4 with Lua 5.1 from LuaJIT 2.0.4 ready to go.
FPS: 46.3968 avg frame duration: 12.07869 ms
FPS: 57.1992 avg frame duration: 7.50034 ms
FPS: 55.3360 avg frame duration: 9.87208 ms
FPS: 56.2685 avg frame duration: 5.23201 ms
FPS: 57.0000 avg frame duration: 4.91094 ms
FPS: 57.1429 avg frame duration: 5.51207 ms
FPS: 57.1992 avg frame duration: 4.80268 ms
Game loaded
Lua error detected! …/scripts\microbe_stage\microbe.lua:212: Can’t create microbe from this entity, it’s missing sceneNode:
[C]:-1 (global assert)
…/scripts\microbe_stage\microbe.lua:212 (upvalue create)
…/scripts\class.lua:30 (global Microbe)
…/scripts\microbe_stage\microbe.lua:1306 (method update)
…/scripts\lua_engine\game_state.lua:186 (method update)
…/scripts\lua_engine\lua_engine.lua:145 (method update)

ERROR: [wmv3 @ 37754f00] Extra data: 8 bits left, value: 0
[wmv3 @ 3792c760] Extra data: 8 bits left, value: 0
child process exited with code 0
Thrive has exited normally.

also even though it said it exited I definitely never exited it. it just kind of crashed.