Game deadlock when pressing multiple editor buttons simultaneously

the game runs into an infinite memory loop if you try to click 2 buttons in 1 tick

Pure curiosity, how did you even manage to do that?

Also any two buttons, or a specific two buttons?

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i clicked the undo button twice in one tick and managed to do it again by clicking back to the game window and clicking the editor button at the same time while trying to record using OBS

any editor buttons

Is it possible for you to record a video to show how to trigger the issue or provide game logs from when the problem occurred?

Many of the editor buttons shouldn’t really affect the game state that much so I doubt that randomly picked pair of two buttons would always be able to crash the game.

The game also doesn’t use ticks so I’m not sure really what you are seeing. The game, AFAIK, is simulated in full frames where all input that happened during one frame is detected at the start of the next one. So to claim that you pressed multiple buttons at the same time, that would mean frame perfect input.

I’ll also adjust the thread title to be correct based on your second post.

i should be able to but i am uploading a video to YouTube right now so i will in a few hours
i did not manage to replicate the bug

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