Game does not respond when I play

basically the game just stops responding, and I have to close it.

The game opens fine, but when I click the play button in the main menu it freezes.

I think that’s a general “you have no memory” error, I’d recommend feeing up storage and/or closing background applications or chrome tabs, as my two seconds of reaserch didn’t say if this was ram or disk memory.

That seems to really only apply to MInecraft and/or Java. Thrive is neither of those so it shouldn’t apply. Also I very much doubt the game could run out of memory before outputting any log information (unless you have like less than 1 GB of RAM). So I very much doubt that this is the case.

Much more likely is that the Godot engine has a bug that prevents it from working on this person’s computer.
@Antsiii could you try the launch compatibility start options in the launcher options menu? GLES2 forced mode may make the game start. If that doesn’t help either then this is just most likely a Godot engine bug that the engine developers need to fix. For that could you provide as much info as possible on which operating system, CPU, GPU, RAM amount you have?

Ah, seems to work after clicking the GLES2 thing, thanks man!

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