Game Overs: How will they work? (EXCLUDING MICROBE)

Couldn’t find a thread for this so here we are.
How will game-overs be handled in Thrive? Will it be perma-death, that would add to the realism, but it wouldn’t make much sense for the death of one creature to doom the entire species, and it would really frustrate players. You could go the Spore route with infinite respawns, but then how would the game add weight to death? As long as you saved frequently in Tribal and Civ death meant nothing, even your pack was carried over into respawn. Would there be a lives system, would the way death is handled alternate between stages, yada yada.

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In my opinion, when an organism dies, the game should remove some of its population just like in the Microbe Stage, and when it goes extinct, the player should control a species related to the original. There should be a live system, and it would decrease whenever the player makes a species go extinct.

Have you played the game? What do you think about the current mechanics regarding the player dying?

When it comes to Microbe, I think it works really well, and I’d imagine this could be easily carried over into Multicellear and Aware, but once the game starts gaining RTS mechanics, mainly Society, Industrial, and Space, how will it work?

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Why not a similar approach to strategy games (if you lose all of your cities / planets, you lose)?