Game play mode with higher control over everything?

As an individual who is creating a sci-fi book series, I have numerous alien races that evolve on various worlds. One thing I’ve tried doing in Spore with the game’s limitations is simulating a specific world that one of the alien races evolves on and evolve said species in as realistic way as possible. With Thrive, likely far into the future of development, I’m curious if there will be a way for players like myself to control the look, climate, plates, evolution of other creatures and plants to allow us to simulate the evolution of a species. (I’m sure this may be a little confusing so I’ll do my best to answer questions)

There will be, yes. Either once you play through the entire game and reach the ‘Ascended’ stage, or simply start in free build mode.

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Okay. I knew there was a sandbox of sort, but I wasn’t certain how much control the player would have over everything

I’m not 100% sure on the terraforming/control of tectonic plates, but I believe you will be able to at least terraform, and know you will be able to direct the evolution of plants and animals

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I’m guessing the terraforming could be used to simulate plate tectonics if control over the plates themselves is impossible

Impossible? Why not just crush the ENTIRE BELGUIMING PLANET INTO ROCKS, HEAT IT UP, DUMP IN RADIOACTIVES, WAIT FOR A CRUST TO FORM, AND TERRAFORM THAT. It’s just like Issac Arthur always says, if brute force isn’t working, you aren’t using enough of it.