Game softlocks when being eaten

I was doing my playthrough when some cell ate me. I noticed my health wasn’t going down, it said I had 2% and it was stuck. My glucose was going up (I have chloroplasts). After a some time not being able to move or suicide, another cell ate the cell that ate me. At this point I respawned with 0 health but i cannot move or die.
I don’t know how to see the logs as this is my first time playing the game and reporting a bug. I’ll save anyways in case it is still usefull.

Which version of the game were you playing? The latest build of the game has a safety check against this situation by force despawning the player 10 seconds after using the “perish instantly” button.

Hi! I’m using Beta 0.6.4

Please update to the full 0.6.4 release. The beta had a known problem with ejecting indigestible cells, which I tried to fix for the full release. And also that perish safety fallback was added only after the beta.

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