Game starts in fullscreen while in windowed mode

Whenever the game starts it is always momentarily in fullscreen mode even while set to windowed mode, before correcting itself a moment later (This is probably caused by the mode being set by the in-game options files instead of the launcher before startup).

Context: I am using a windows PC and I have a single monitor (which actually a TV) with a strange resolution, so this causes my screen size to be reset to the default 1920x1080p, which I need to fix every time I start the game.

We’ve had discussions before. The game must start in full-screen mode to let some laptops recognise this game as a “game” and use its high-performance GPU instead of the power-efficient one. This is a tradeoff.


@84634E1A607A is right. We need to start in fullscreen mode so that laptops realize that they should use the dedicated graphics more often. Sadly this is an engine limitation we just need to live with: either defaulting to windowed or fullscreen mode and then that’s always what the game starts in before applying the settings.

Messing with the monitor resolution does sound like it would be a Godot bug and you could probably report it. As Godot should always use the monitor’s native resolution when opening in fullscreen.