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You mean Microsoft, not Mojang, right?

hehehe double post FTW

I mean Mojang still does exist as a sub group of Microsoft, so it isn’t incorrect to say Mojang in that statement

Tbh I think most of the things people have been upset about with the game over the last few years have come via Microsoft(micro transactions, 1.19.2 chat banning, etc), what would probably be most ideal imo is either Microsoft takes a step back or Mojang comes out from under there thumb entirely, instead of having the game open sourced or given to a group of modders

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You seem to have forgotten that Mojang still exists, and that Java edition is also the Mojang edition while Bedrock is the Microsoft edition.

Aren’t all versions of Minecraft made by Mojang? It would be a very inefficient decision to have a wholly separate development team for different versions, especially when the versions mostly have the same content.

Yeah, both platforms are run by Mojang, they just have two different coding teams due to the two different coding languages

We see that most of our community wants to overthrow Mojang and replace it with community modders…
Let’s hope that it will happen one day

I hope not with how some of the modding drama happen, it be like 10x worse

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I do not trust modders to do a good job. It also seems to be that some people that voted didn’t even know Mojang still existed.


Is this actually known? Do you have a source on this?

It might be different with very underpaid (and sometimes underskilled) game game programmers, but in normal software engineering, you need to use a bunch of languages, and often a single project will be in multiple languages at the same time. So having different programming languages is a really bad excuse to need to split a team.

Yeah, I don’t imagine how modders would be better at continuing Minecraft development than the studio that has been developing it all these years. They have experience in releasing versions, listening to feedback and bug reports, they have experienced designers who know how to listen to feedback without letting the loudest voices of the minority ruin the game for the majority of the quiet players.


In some of Mojangs announcements they refer to their bedrock programming team and their Java programming team separately, and while they do say they work closely together iirc it is clearly stated that they are two separate teams

I could be wrong, but I’m like 90% sure it’s two separate teams that work closely together

I agree, while Mojang certainly has its flaws they do it many times better than a modding team would - this has even been acknowledged by people who were modding team leaders and then went to work for Mojang, such as Kingbdogz

Thing with Mojang I noticed recently is that they clearly have became too lazy to create updates. Note the COMPLETE Failure of Wild Update and fact that 1.20 already has got all of it’s main features annouced (it was stated in cherry biome annoucement), meaning that we will have 2 (1.19, 1.20) small or in the best medium-sized updates in a row without larger update (like 1.16) between any of them.
Suspiciously, all of those “failure” updates happened when Agnes Larsson was in office, which could mean that something she is doing may affect way updates end up being like.
ALSO, Agnes Larsson and other higher-rank employees don’t appear to notice that next-gen voxel game, which is said to be better than a hypothetical Minecraft 2 (Hytale) is supposted to come out rather soon, which may mean that they have given up on Minecraft as they have seen that it’s not possible for MC to fight Hytale (they accepted death of MC)

Edit: removed mention of .17 and .18

Ah yes, 1.18, a small update.

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Completely overhauling how terrain generation works, a microscopic effort of course

They aren’t being lazy, they have just learned with the past few updates going the way they have to start small, which is what they are doing with Tales and Trails

I’m rather excited about these Overworld revamp updates, hopefully an End Revamp/Deep Dark Portal and maybe an Ancient update now that Ancient Mobs like the Sniffer exist?

What do y’all think some future updates will be? They’re going to update Savanna, Badlands, and Desert eventually, I think maybe with an Ancients update or something that focuses more specifically on Archaeology and more ancient creatures (maybe a living variant of the Phantom?)


The updates felt small because they bit off more than they could chew with caves and cliffs and it got split in 3, and now they’re trying something less hype-y with tales and trails.

Other than that, my own disappointment with the updates has been mitigated by realizing that I’m just not their target audience; their audience seems to be casual players who want the game to be relaxed and focused on building pretty structures, with anything actually challenging being optional side content.

I do hope Hytale is successful (Even though I think the art design looks awful and I’m not an RPG guy), because it could help open the market for voxel games that aren’t just minecraft clones, because it seemingly ISN’T trying to be minecraft 2.

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I think we will need to see how 1.20 and 1.21 goes to see if this new model of update-making is better than the previous one. Considering that now we will have 1 update per year instead of previous 2 per year (which ended up in around 1,5 updates per year), we should expect main updates to be larger now, altho minor updates were also boosted in terms of content.

1.9 was already pretty much an End Update. End is also supposted to be a rather empty dimension, not full of exotic forests and jungles.
Also the idea of the “Sculk dimension” isn’t the only solution for the use of ancient city’s central frame. RetroGamingNow managed to make explanation for this frame that isn’t the 4th dimension.

Mojang did confirm that they would make a 4th dimension after updating the other 3.

Also, you dont need to fill the end with things everywhere to update it, you could just make hotspots dotted in a barren desert. I also have no idea why you thought “exotic jungles” when the update could add new structures to the end since structures that seem abbandoned would give it an even more desolate feeling.


They did say they would do another end update before a new dimension, and empty is not the theme for the end. The theme is alien, uncaring of mortal opinion. Just look at the Echoing Void Minecraft Dungeons DLC as an example of how the end could be not desolate according to Mojang design teams

Deep Dark Portal would be interesting imo if it led to something that the Deep Dark directly counters, leading to the idea the Warden was made to keep it in. Mobs (or a specific boss mob) could make a lot of vibrations, have a visual hypnosis effect like people thought the glow squid would have, etc.


Wonder if they would add realistic aliens and not humanoids…

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That would be cool

Also, was going to edit my above post but I’ll put it here:

Since when did we have 1.5 updates per year? The update average is the same 1 per year, they just had to split 1.17 and 1.18 because they were too ambitious

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We had 1,5 updates/year since 1.14:
1.14 and 1.15 were released in same year
1.16 was only version released in 2020
1.17 and 1.18 were released in same year
1.19 was only version released in 2022
That averges to 1.5 updates/year

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