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As I said, 1.17 and 1.18 were an accidental split, not an intended schedule, so we can’t expect that to continue. It’s not a new thing they’re trying, only doing 1 a year - that’s been the plan all along, and it was a simple coincidence that Bees and Bugs/Buzzy Bees was 2 years prior to this accidental split

Anyway future update theories? I’m be seen a few other than the ones I’ve mentioned, like some people thought maybe a combat update or a ‘community update’ (where they add ideas based off of popular mods) were things people thought they would do

(Tbh while the latter one I mentioned would be cool I think it’s unlikely)

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Going to a new topic:

Will Minecraft April Fools 2023 be MobboCraft?
  • Minecraft April Fools 2023 Will be MobboCraft
  • Minecraft April Fools 2023 Will not be MobboCraft

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Since we are talking about new MC dimension, I would like to bring in a rather forgotten idea of an interesting dimension: The (Endermite) Betweenlands.
Only way you could travel to this dimension is that there would be a chance when an Enderman is spawning in, or despawning, to spawn a portal entity that would close after couple seconds. After passing thru portal you would find a ton of endermites and endermite-like mobs in this new dimension that would have dark-purple theme (like endermites). There would also be patches of blocks coming from different dimensions. Portal entities would randomly spawn and take you to other dimensions if you decide to pass thru them.
An interesting idea.

So I read the entire video (because there’s no way I am going to watch it lmao) and it’s really nothing???

The video is split into three basic sections:

  1. The intro: He sets up the entire premise of the video that Microsoft is going for a slow boil approach for shutting down Minecraft.
  2. History: He explain the background and all the previous choices that Microsoft has made before (to try and prove the previous one)
  3. The actual arguments (You know the important one): We are now around 60% done with the video and his two argument for Deletion for java is that Microsoft needs to make back their investment and Bedrock make more money and Java edition make bedrock look bad because Java is like so much better (I think, there really wasn’t a point being made here and also it kind of the first point made twice but I am trying my best here)

The biggest problem is that he lacks evidence for everything. The video makes a lot of point he doesn’t actually connect them together in any meaningful way. So while he shows that Microsoft made a lot of dumb and unpopular decisions, he does not show the meaningful link from his premises to his conclusions. It really just fearmongering tbh…

I would write more but i got bored of writing and ran out of energy.

also here’s another video on the subject that I did not watched if you care more about this than me:

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While Moy makes good points, imma have to agree with Pippen on this one, forcing everyone to migrate their accounts after “breaking” java accounts was just some real BS there. If you broke it, just use a backup file! If you don’t have backups of all the accounts, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE!?

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But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft is doing some secret plan to push everyone to bedrock, also the point of migration was to integrate it into Microsoft ecosystem and because Mojang system was bad lmao, I am not sure what you mean by breaking java accounts?

I didn’t really like the transition either but it was kind of value neutral for me tbh…

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Why do I feel like this applies to almost every video @blackjacksike posts on these forums…


I just learned that DND did a collab with Minecraft to make 5 dnd mobs for DMs to use!

(The link says it’s specifically for the blaze, but it has all five mobs)

what are y’alls thoughts on the new update?
personally i think its the second best one after the nether update

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I really like the style they are doing it in, though I wish there was a little more content (especially content that is more obviously connected to one another) I understand their reasoning. Everything in this update is really nice, it’s just hard for me personally to get really hyped for it as the connection between the additions isn’t as obvious ig

My hope for the next update is that they keep this style of updating, but have a solid theme revealed the whole time (and maybe more content if the devs can make it).

Tbh they should probably next do an update with promised features (bundles + rest of the biome vote losers), but other than that I really like the direction this update is going (planning-wise). Hopefully they revamp the feedback site so that it is actually useable, because I love the way the community can really give live feedback with this snapshot cycle

I feel getting lazier and lazier, losing my consciousness piece by piece, that I don’t feel like making my own research. Depressing.

Which textures do you prefer?
  • Pre 1.14
  • Post 1.14

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It seemed fine back when I didn’t know any better, but the old Netherrack textures now make my brain scream in pain lol


There is nothing wrong with the old netherrack

it looks like suffering and pain
almost literally
old netherrack looks like a bloody wound that just started to heal an hour ago


I love the old netherrack texture! I like how crunchy it is. The new one is just so soft…
Same with blocks like andesite tbh. The new textures are to soft for me.
The new wood planks’ textures look nice. I like both the old ones and the new.
I like the old glass due to nostalgia, same with ice.
The new wood blocks and logs’ textures are simply disgusting.

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I can understand nostalgia - I personally feel that it’s blasphemy to use any bed color other than red as my respawn bed lol

I rather like all the new textures though.

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I almost always use white because that’s the color of most sheep and I don’t feel like making dyes.

Consider this. Netherrack has to be extracted by the pickaxe. Therefore, one would conclude that it is like stone. The old texture for the netherrack makes it look stony. The new textures for it makes it look like dirt and I find it quite confusing.