Generic Strategy/Speculative Biology Game but an ARG

Decide on which you like better:

  • Speculative Biology Game(Although will ultimately become a Strategy game after nations form)
  • Strategy Game(Starting point is extreme beginning of civilization)
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As the “ARG” in the title suggests, this game will be set in real life.

Real-life events will effect gameplay.

  • Spawn in a specified location but scattered globally(reply).
  • Spawn in a specified location but clustered in an area(reply).
  • Spawn your civilization/species in your own home/place accessing forums.
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For all those who have voted, specify the location using Google Maps or any service.

48°52.6S 123°23.6W
that is the location i would like to start at

Two things:

  1. If you kill the humans there, I will die, and 2:

  2. Why there in particular?

1: you live at point nemo?
2: it’s the farthest point on earth from land and i wanna see how it’ll play out

so apparently the link doesn’t work right, put this into the google maps search bar to find the location i linked to

48°52'36.0S 123°23'36.0W

Yes, I totally live in the middle of the ocean, and the link certainly worked properly and definitely didn’t malfunction.

Due to voting this would mean everyone spawn with you. We need the agreement of at least 3 of the 5 voters to proceed.

  • Spawn in the middle of the ocean.
  • Don’t spawn in the middle of the ocean.
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since point nemo has been voted out what about easter island?

  • Spawn on Easter Island.
  • Don’t spawn on Easter Island.
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All I can say is :moyai:. I also mean that literally.
It is time to create our species in the ocean or any source of water so long as it may be on Easter Island.

So what can we do with this species?

is there just one species or multiple, and if multiple what do we start from?

Each individual currently gets their own species. Still, just to make sure the players agree:

  • Individual Species
  • Team Assigned Species
  • All control one species
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1°49’21.0"S 65°29’00.0"W could my species start there.

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I’m afraid that this forum game is dead.

Welcome to the forum!

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