Genre of Thrive

While preparing the store page for Thrive on I realized that I need to pick the category for Thrive, and we haven’t really decided on that yet.

I think that thrive could be argued to fit into Simulation, Strategy, and Action at least. When I asked on the dev discord, people where in favour of calling Thrive a simulation game. What are your thoughts on this?


I can see why you chose these tags, especially in the simulation, this is probably the most appropriate thing since it simulates reality, I would add both a Singleplayer tag and the Godot tag (because it was created in this software) and maybe an Open world as well, but its not a truly ones
Besides, Hex Based tag and Alien tag can also come in, but I’m not really sure
its can fit in 3D, but its look like 2D.

I searched for all the tags on this site, but there may be more

I wasn’t talking about tags. This is the primary category on itch, and you can have only one of those. We can just slap on all the tags we like, but I feel like selecting the primary category is a more important decision.

well, i think its Simulation the most fitting, its not about only Acton or Strategy, its mostly simulation life on other planet

Simulation looks like the best, unless there is a Evolution one.


I agree, since thrive is the embodiment of, well, simulating evolution.

Another +1 for simulation tag, as spore is one too anyways

Gamejolt is better imo.