Getting dragged around

My interest in this game was piqued when Nookrium posted his game-play. His channel is quite the delight. Moving on, I tried this game because I recently played Spore and I wished to find a game that dealt with evolution.

My first few seconds playing it was quite delightful since I liked how the Auto-evolve function worked and I liked seeing other members of my species and even some of my past evolution. However, there was one thing that aroused a feeling of deep annoyance in me.

These infernal creatures began to swarm my poor cell. They didn’t even have any means of hurting my character so I just watched as my cell get dragged away. I couldn’t even move since they somehow always get in my direction so I’m just stuck on the forefront of this swarm.

For context I am playing Thrive on a 64-bit Windows 10 computer. I’m not sure if the bit about my computer was pertinent information, but I decided to include it anyways.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just part of gameplay, however I can definitely say that this is annoying.

Thanks for reading my post. : )

because your cell is bigger than them you can use g to enter engulf mode and kill them (and also get ammonia and phosphate from them)

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If I remember correctly, there’s currently a bug where the AI is way too aggressive. In the next patch they should lose interest in you once they figure out they can’t actually kill you.

Till then the best thing to do is just have some weapon to kill them with or be big enough to engulf them by pressing g and moving into them.


Yes, in the latest release the AI never loses interest when trying to engulf something (even if it is bigger than them). In the next version the AI will become bored after failing to engulf for some tens of seconds.
For now the only really meta build to get around the issue is to always get a pilus or try to get big fast, so that you can engulf the much smaller cells that try to attack you.

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