Giant Insects i guess?

Normally the ancient insects and others animals was huge due the excess of O2 in atmosphere, so, can giant creatures be possible to exist?

edit: i’m talking about some creatures be 13-16 ft tall

not all but the bugs are due to the O2 (the dinos to hollow bone)

Why not both?
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the bug O2 is a disadvantage u must have high O2 to operate and i don’t think we can have hollow exoskeleton.
if u think of high O2 with an endoskeleton then all variables use lungs that are good at any O2 level

hollow exoskeleton is the last of our problems, first we need to make a planet with high ammount of O2, the only way that this works is if a meteor full of H2O fall in the planet

Or algae. Algae works too.

how about like in the Cambrian when huge trees turned CO2 In O2

yeah, it can work, but we still need a tracheal breathing, in that case is the our best choose

Or we could just remove the exskeleton

And now we have molluscs

Could a creature evolve both an exo and endorse skeleton? The exoskeleton in more like are our than skin and the creature can get out of it and grow a new one if it’s damaged.

Theoretically yes. but it’d be very, very heavy.

Light bones might help with that.

they don’t have to fly

Not even for flight. It’d be a miracle if that thing could move at acceptable speeds.

i can agree with that, but what if they’er the first on land.

Tanky when inside, then leave and be agile.

Lighter bones doesn’t mean less defense?

How about hair, or other things like it?

Most animals have hair for protection, and as far as I know it’s only moderately heavy.

i think the name is “Fur” you know?