Glucose storage stuff

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I’m relearning a bunch of math from when I took an intro course in programming for chemists waaaaay back in 2018. Wow I’m realizing how little I actually understood when it came to the differential equations we used haha. I still hold out hope that glucose storage could be a rate-determinant for these two processes. Wanna take a look when I’m done? A very messy early draft is already on my github

Also, if you can put it into simple but thorough terms, why don’t you think this will work? I kinda didn’t understand what you meant by there only being environmental conditions for games since in programming you can have several layers of global and local variables.

I’m loving our discussion and my obsession is actually bordering on unhealthy rn, so I might have to slow down for a bit.

Dracalia :microbe:

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environmental conditions

That was definitely as simple and thorough as possible haha, thank you! :grin:

Now my second question: why don’t you think that adding storage as a control like this will work? It’s already implemented as the glucose bar in the cell. :slight_smile:

One issue in determining the speed of biochemical processes based on storage is numerical balance, and glycolysis needs to have similar basic values to the process of gluconeogenesis. Moreover, excessive glucose accelerates glycolysis, which is not conducive to glucose storage.

The biggest issue is that the speed of biochemical processes determined by storage affects ATP production, which means that ATP production requires a dynamic ATP consumption system to match.

However, the existing balance system obtains ATP consumption based on cell state and then allocates it to various biochemical processes to produce ATP.

Match consumption based on the production of ATP.

Arrange production based on the consumption of ATP.

I think you need to try adding a fixed osmotic regulation consumption in the program and ensure that ATP production is greater than it.

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