Godot native crash when opening the save manager

Have experienced more than 5. Typically the first time I open the save manager.

Above is the engine log. Start from line 48 I opened the save manager.

Inside the save folder I have a FOLDER named c.thrivesave so that “save” is bound fail to load. Then on line 52 Godot crashed. On line 544 I reran Thrive from Godot Editor and everything went usual.

So this happens when you have a folder called a.thrivesave in the saves folder? While the Godot crash is an engine bug (Godot developers say that no matter how badly a game is coded the engine shouldn’t crash), we can filter out any potential save files that are actually directories and ignore them.

Yesterday I went through the crash report. It seems that this crash is due to Godot Image library (Line 521). The file cannot be opened so we passed it a random buffer pointer.

What I know is that a folder may crash it, But whether a corrupted file will crash it is not clear.

I don’t know why you get a crash, I just get the Thrive logo placeholder over the image file. Also I checked things and I’m pretty certain that the code to load the image file never triggers if the data is not a valid tar.gz archive. So unintentionally corrupted files have like 0 chance to try to load an invalid image file.

I opened a PR that removes all error prints that happened to me with a folder ending in .thrivesave being present: