Going to space..but how? + Landing on the moon and probes + exploring planet on foot (if possible)

Let me start here. When your species does (eventually) make it to the final frontier, you’ll have to launch a rocket, right? So, lets go over how we could control this rocket + we’d have to build it.
When the rocket is on the launch pad, press space and the rocket would ignite the engines and leave for the edge of the atmosphere. Controlling it would be the arrow keys or W,A,S,D. You could have different stages too. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT…before you go and be the first whatever your creatures names is, you gotta make a satellite first, mate. Think back to mother Russias sputnik 1, the first satellite in space. Your civilization or other civilization on the planet would have to do it. Ok, enough with that. You’d also have the ability to make space stations orbiting your planet or some other planet (and name it ). PLUS PLUS PLUS…you’d get to travel the moon, or moons, or how many your homes got. Aswell as that, you’d get to explore the surface of the moon, moons, or other planets in your system on foot (W,A,S,D… if you’ve got a space suit, because you’d probs die without one, I assume? You’d also get to send space probes to planets or comments to learn more about the world around you. Cheers, reader

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And when you are on the moon there is less gravity to you could launch a rocket at higher speed than on the planet

The “go nuts talking about space-faring microbes if you wish” from the FAQ wasn’t an order : )

Keep in mind the possibly large scope of the game. I’d probably not want to manually control every rocket I launch, instead just calculate the gravitational trajectory and have every action done by the rocket carefully planned in mission control. If you’re trying to get something off the planet without far-future space engines, you probably won’t wing it.
As for satellites preceding sentient lifeforms, it’s much safer to test with some metal than people. Then there was Laika, testing whether life forms can go into space, then actually going forth and putting people in space.

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Well, controls would be for Basic Rockets, and you could just launch an advanced engine rocket in space without controls after.

Didnt really think about that when I first wrote this.

I don’t like past me.