Government systems

Hello! I just joined the forum so might as well discuss over to the Introduction section. But I had something in mind. I thought of something like this based on how our governments work. So, I want to suggest something, though I’m not sure where to put this, but hey this sort of relates to political sciences or sociology. When you reach the part where you form governments (not sure what stage it is), your government system could be determined by your behavior or evolutionary path in the previous stages. For example, if you went all against your neighbors, chances are that a militaristic government will work for you. If you went all religious, then a theocratic government could be your bet. Each system can have its own perks as well as well as it requires a certain behavior or evolutionary pattern to achieve (this doesn’t mean you can’t change your government, though).

Here are all of the government systems I can think of and their pros and cons:

Authoritarian - uses force to maintain the government. Allows for increased efficiency and less corruption but chances are that your citizens are discontent with your government.
Communist - it distributes wealth through all your citizens equally. Reduces wealth inequality significantly, but if you have not enough resources or wealth, your economy will perform poorly.
Democratic - it allows for free speech. Your citizens tend to be more content, and it allows for increased efficiency (slightly lower than the authoritarian), but discontent will grow if you have done something reckless. Do something wrong and consider yourself screwed up.
Republic - same bonuses as democratic, although a democracy provides more bonus than the republic. However, society discontent is lower than that of a democratic government when you do something wrong.
Fascist - exerts total control over a nation’s philosophy. Military and law enforcement performance is significantly higher than most nations, allowing for reduced corruption. However, chances are that other nations (except fellow fascists) will hate your national policies and your citizen discontent is way higher than that of an authoritarian.
Militaristic - exerts total control via military force. It allows for increased military performance (efficiency won’t be increased, though). Citizen discontent is high as well.
Monarchy - ruled by a single person. You will have easy control to everything your nation owns. Your citizen discontent is based on your performance as a ruler.
Theocratic - it is a form of government in which a deity is deemed as the source of authority. Your cultural influence to the world tends to be higher and has a better political structure overall. However, your efficiency tends to be lower. And war weariness is high.
Aristocratic- it allows for less corruption (since there are less leaders, the chances of a political deadlock and disagreement are reduced), but your citizens will also grow discontent overtime.

Feel free to add more or change some of these. After all, it’s only a suggestion. We’re only trying to help.


Hi @ImnFlitch, I changed this topic’s category since it’s more to do with discussing future game mechanics than non-game related science.

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