The true, I don’t have a lot to say, or what to say, its just a Introduction in the end…

All what i want to say its I “know” the game a long time (I think since 0.22 - 0.23 ver’) by a video on YouTube long forgotten, and since then, I follow how the game adopts and see a great hope it will be even better, I soo excited to see what its go to be next…

little about me:
I LOVE all about biology, even soon (I hope), will study in University soon Biochemistry and Astrobiology (if they return to me) and also love draw (even I not the best, but lately, I study more seriously how to draw using a draw table) , and yes, I love to play Spore and Stellaris (even i not the best).

I think i will stick around and maybe do something…

I not soo good in introductions, or english XD.

Almost forget, I did participated in speculative biology project call “Wallace II” as the creator of the family “Fermarture” if its interesting…


Welcome to the forums @doomlightning hope you enjoy your stay!

Welkom to the Komoonity Fohwums!

Welcome to the Thrivist Order, enjoy your stay

Greetings, fellow new thrivist!

You can click here to find the forum guidelines, also the link for the PATREON :scream:. Sorry for not replying earlier, though. Hope you have a long stay in the wonderful journey of our social, gaming, scientific and philosophical school, religious, and world domination movement, also called by Thrivism™.

I glad to be here, just skipping and reading time to time and i love how thing “work?” here. I not a forum man, soo is not natural for me XD.


Welcome, doomlightning. Hope you enjoy the project!

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