Greetings from another new guy!

I’ve been interested in Thrive for a while now. When I first heard about it, maybe a couple of years ago, I thought it was just sort of a dead project. Now that a new update is arriving, though, I’ve reconsidered the game’s status. Since about a week ago I’ve researched how Thrive came to be and have purchased and reviewed the Steam version.

I have little coding knowledge, so I can’t really contribute to the game in that way, but biology is my favorite area of science and I’ve been involved with speculative evolution projects before so maybe I can dispense some biology knowledge.

P. S., I promise not to flood the forums with wacky new ideas (everyone else has probably thought of them already), but I am wondering how the devs will tackle some of the future hurdles that might need to be dealt with.


Welcome to the forume!
i hope u enojy, even if u see that before.

i think right now, Thirve have entre a new age, better then before. soo even if u cant help, it ok.
u already buy the steam var’ it allready support them :smiley:

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Hello new person! Always nice to see a new face join the forums

We’re already seeing some hurdles in the near future,

  • the movement mechanics of creatures from late multicell to early awakening with its challenges of animating and calculating its impact on the world.
  • cell behaviour also i think.

I was just gonna ask about that. Maybe I’ll make a thread for the more specific question I had, though.

Go ahead,new ideas always welcome.

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