I am Atrox, the champion of Thrive. Welcome me and behold my glory. Also find me my legendary weapon.

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Also don’t forget to checkout the new shoutbox (in the top right corner) to see how well it works (or doesn’t, as it doesn’t want to show me message dates properly)

To anyone wondering how to open the shoutbox: click the megaphone symbol in the header.

@Oliveriver and @hhyyrylainen thank u for hijacking my thread without even welcoming me :frowning:


Errrr…welcome @Ensyn! :thrive:


welcome, I guess.
welcome to the place where we exist
do you enjoy existing here
give us a rating out of 10.3


Welcome @Ensyn you sound like a show off

That’s because he actually has a position of power. If you noticed, he has a shield next to his name, showing that he is a moderator.

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I knew that but he sounds like a show off

Damn, the Drama

'Tis but a jest


Hey, I’m technically a new(ish) member to this specific forum!

This is now a general thread for saying hello, sorry @Ensyn.

There, I did it
Also, poor Atrox.
And hi AgentTine.
Welcome to the new, shiny forum.

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Well, I didn’t really introduce myself earlier sooo hey it’s me Hello (Sorry atrox)

I will smite thee for this.

@PositiveTower CAREFUL this show off is a “corrupt” individual in a position of power :smiley:

Damn that’s a fancy profile picture

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Yeah, it’s pretty Nice haha

Did you mean: I will ban the for this?

Hey guys, this is my first time doing anything on the forums.