Hello... again?

Just joined the new forums, what have I missed, I stopped following the project around mini update 2

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Nothing much really. We had another podcast. And this youtuber called Kinesis is making lots of videos on the game. But that’s about it.

Also 0.4.0 should be released soon. With quite a few gameplay additions and changes, so be excited for that.

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Welcome to the new forums!

Enjoy the new forums. Takes some adjustment, but you should be fine.

Like Mao said, we’re nearing update 0.4.0. There’ll be bug fixes, new forms of combat, colours and collecting organelles, with other things, probably.

We also have a returning programmer, as well as a couple’a newcomers, so progress is going to accelerate ever so slightly.

Thanks for the warm welcomes and bringing me up to speed, I read the mini updates and developer blogs, even some of the theory stuff for 4.0 on the developer forums, and I think this update could be the best thing for Thrive to date

So this is your second attempt to get more post that doesn’t have a reason at all

All due respect, he did add what was going to be in 4.0, not just that it was going to come out, he had something to add