Hello all!

I’m SentientAmoeba, an Australian 3d artist, asset modeller, and am currently learning how to makes textures (but not very good at making textures atm lol). Currently not a member of the dev team but would love to be, I’ve signed up to GitHub and have been lurking around the Issues page. Just saying hi, expect to see me around the forum!


Welcome to the forums, partner!

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Hello, hello! __-◇-/

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Hello fellow sapient being! Or are you only sentient?

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Would you like four hours of reading or would you like a four hour argument about aquatic civs?
Because OH MY GOD when we were allowed to talk about aquatic civs that was the only thing keeping the forum running, 24/7 nonstop talk about how to smetle the metle.
Now the subject is banned but people are still trying to find a way to make a similarly engaging topic.


talk about space whales and other space animals/plants/fungi was recently unbanned, with the restriction that you have to make an essay on how they could survive in space or even get there naturally with full citation so nobody starts a 12-36 hour heated argument over it, but you can actually post the essay now if you made it. though during the ban on it i made a PM that was basically for the same thing as the original thread, but without the three main reasons for the original thread getting closed so an essay could actually be made on how they would or wouldn’t be able to exist without normal arguments with no negative emotion in them spontaneously erupting into heated ones full of negative emotion.

one that got put on 5 hour slowmode for a while iirc is the plantimals thread because it kept having like, 3 separate users turning calm conversation into an argument as heated as the kettle screaming on my stove, but one of those users was either banned or muted for long enough that they rarely visit the forum at all and the other two have gotten better at not heating up a calm conversation into a full-blown argument with ad hominems in it.

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Haha it seems like this community’s gotten some lore in the many years of development!

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