Hello everyone!

I am a new student to programming and a modestly experienced graphical artist (which is unlikely to apply here as it’s largely a hobby) but this game has captured my interest, and I would love to begin contributing and learning in any way I can.

It is my goal to use my interest in the development of this game as well as my hobbyist passion for the science of evolution to ultimately help develop interesting and enjoyable modules as my programming skills inevitable improve.

I do however work a full time job on top of college so updates may be sparse or non-existent at times.

I am also a well versed writer and in the short term may be of assistance to the outreach team, if positions are still available.

Thank you for your time - I look forward to learning and contributing.


If you are interested in diving into the code you can find instructions for compiling the game here: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/blob/master/doc/setup_instructions.md

If you want a gentler introduction you can try modifying the scripts in one of the releases to make a mod.

We’re always looking for new outreach members. See this thread for details on what we’re looking for at the moment for that role and this website page for application details.

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Why hello there!


to the FORUMS

I'm the friendly neighborhood space potato satellite thing... yeah. As a satellite, I SEE ALL.

I welcome you, mortal.

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Welcome to the jun- FORUMS we’ve got forum games.

Welcome new blood!
And it’s nice having you on the team, am not a developer for thrive but it makes me really happy knowing that new people are interested in this game and even more happier when new Devs come and join the team.
But the game needs more of programmers then artists but every bit of help is needed. So am going to say this again, Thank you for applying and hope to see you again soon :+1:

Heyo! Welcome to the forums! Always nice to meet a fellow artist!
It doesn’t really matter which position you apply for, as long as you’re skilled enough we’ll greatly appreciate your help. See you around!

Hola amigos!

enjoy your stay.