Outreach Team members wanted!

Currently we have quite a lot of outreach stuff which is being shared between the team and we’d like to take someone (or maybe a couple of people) on who would be keen to help with this stuff.

Why is this good for you? You don’t need a huge amount of skills to join the dev team. You will have an awesome thing for your CV about how you are helping market a large games project. The work is pretty straightforward and kind of fun. We can teach you how to do all this stuff.

Things that you could be involved in:

  • Helping manage the twitter and facebook accounts, replying to people and engaging the community generally.
  • Updating the wiki with decisions as they are made by the team.
  • Making and updating a press kit.
  • Researching games journalists and streamers who might be interested in Thrive and making contact with them and, hopefully, building relationships.
  • Other outreach stuff you can think of to help promote and build the project.

To apply you need to have good written English and you need to have some time each week you would like to contribute to the project. Thrive team members are free to contribute as much or as little as they like and come and go as they please, which is fine, however if you want to begin on this role it needs to be in a spirit of actively wanted to engage with this stuff and put some effort into it.

If you are interested in this role please email us (or you can post in this thread). If you have experience of doing this sort of thing please include examples of what you have done.

If you don’t have experience then please try making a press kit for Thrive as a sample of the work you can do. Here are some instructions on how to do that. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a starting point, we can work on it together up to the point there it is good enough to be sent to games journalists.


Damn, I can’t apply for outreach team member since my english is very bad aka i’m really bad at typing for long periods of time and placing proper punctuation along the way.

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That can be fixed with simple spell checking, helps me out whenever i make longer posts so i dont make multiple errors without even knowing.

Hmm, I might just try my hand at this. Especially if it lightens the workload of team members who are actually building the game.

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Yeah my spellings okay it’s just punctuation maybe I should stop watching this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pYc8X9F75w

I’ll probably try too, it’ll probably still take a long time before I learn C++, yet I don’t have time currently. probably in two weeks or something

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I’ll give it a jab.
What could go wrong? everything goes wrong

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Hmm, I might give this a whirl, I guess. My English is quite decent, to say the least. Sadly, I will only be online on Saturdays, to do some outreach stuff.

I could with time and some motivation help you. Tell me what i need to do to apply to your team and i can be available to help you. Just one question: is it sometimes ok if i do some things on phone? My English is kind of ok, i have experience in writing much English at once i guess. I am available on most time of week from circa 13:00 to 19:00, on Weekends most of the day.

You can find the information about joining on this page:

For the outreach position we are looking for someone with excellent written English, among other things. So if you have doubts about your English skills you might want to consider applying to a different team (if you have the skills).

Hello! I am very interested in helping with outreach efforts. In particular, I think that we should make more of an effort to attract programmers and musicians into the development team. I think that is probably the most important thing we could do at this juncture. It would be awesome to get more press releases, but I think that we would be able to drum up even more excitement if we were able to expand the game and have something to show everyone, you know?


What’s an outreach team? Just people who invite people? Also I’m learning C and know Python, Scratch, and have Blender but don’t know how to use it, and Fusion360 but don’t know how to use it. I also have photoshop but can barely use it. Can I help in any way?
Edit: I also know some HTML.

The outreach team tries to advertise thrive in order to attract new fans and developers.

A good way to see if you have the necessary skills is to make a mod. Or you can directly dive into the C++ code and see if you can do something with it. It’s all on github: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive
For that you’ll want to read the compiling instructions: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/blob/master/doc/setup_instructions.md

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I am but a humble blenderer, but one of the best things you can do to learn Blender is to download some models/rigs and play around with em. The interface looks complex but most of the time you use about 10% of it. Also watch and read many tutorials. The latter advice would probably work for all software, but eh. Probably the wrong topic to waffle on about, but one last tip: DON’T USE THE BLENDER INTERNAL RENDER! Cycles render is better, more flexible, and the most up to date. Internal render is now legacy. Anyway, there could be a whole topic devoted to Blender, but maybe not. Just some quick info.