Hello forum!

Hello my name is Astronaut, met the game because of my friend 2 yrs ago and he came back with that game last year.
I like Thrive and now I enter to the forum to discuss.


Welcome Astronaut! Hope you enjoy our community! :thrive:

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Welcome! hope you enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the Thrive Space Station (TSS), @astronaut!
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Greetings. I hope to see many interesting ideas.

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Welcome to the forums, Astronaut.
Hope you’ll like it.

Welcome back to Citadel Station. . . .

Ni Hao
Hello in other language

uhhhh i think its a you’re just a tiny bit late to introduce him but you do you

oh and also welcome back to the forums astronaut

cant wait until you get to spacefaring

I tried to delete the post, but i think it reset because people gave it reactions

Only two months late to an introduction thread.

Atleast not three months late…

I got it (post filler)