Hello! I am ThriveLover and I have returned after making like, 1 post once!

Nothing much to say here, so just look at the title!
(60 character limit Belgium to you)


Welcome back!

You need to get more creative with the character limit, for example you can complain when someone else adds text referencing the character limit, and reminding them that the rules say that you shouldn’t try to get around the character limit by complaining about it.


Wait, since when has the limit increased to 60?

It’s the minimum when creating a new topic, posts still have a 20 character limit.

Thanks! Sorry, will keep the limit in mind.

Next time, instead of saying…

… just click on the smiley, which is located at the bottom right of your post, and choose :+1:.

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Hi fellow thrive enjoyer. What is your favourite stage.

Dude, let him do what he want’s. I personally hate emojis

Bro they were just trying to help me out…

Late industrial because that time period is when the space race starts

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