Hello. Im back

Hello to all.
I introduce myself: I am Doggit. Probably for most of you I am a new user, but in reality I was one of the first users of the (old) forum and the project.
Maybe if some “first” generation user is still active, like Nick, he will remember me.
I started to follow the project from the beginning of 2012. I started to participate actively, trying to compose some musical themes and creating the youtube channel for the Italian Thrive community.
After a few years, for some problems on the forum (mainly due to my fault) I decided to abandon the project, but following the progress sporadically.

Now after more than six years since my first registration, I decided to enroll again in the forum, looking for maybe, without any pretension of course, to be useful to the project.

Hello to all. :slight_smile:


Welcome back, old user.

I don’t know if you me or not, but im @RoboRomb, one of the Thrive Universe freaks.

yeah… The Thrive universe is relatively new, so I don’t think doggit’ll know what is it
Only one way to find out

Hi Doggit. Don’t worry, I remember you. I might be one of the only ones left who was around in your day though. Nice to see you again.

Thanks you Oliveriver. I’m happy to have found you here.

Hey doggit! You will find that there are a few of us “old hands” around here. I remember you aswell.

Unfortunately I do not remember you Untrustedlife. I am happy that there are still people from the “first generation”.

A question: in short, at what point is the project? I have seen that there are playable versions of the microbial phase, but nothing more. Maybe I’m wrong.

We’re currently switching engines, but I believe we’ve got a significant portion of the microbe stage down.

Also, I recognise you from exploring Canadaboard.
I came to this place last year, in April/May.

So unfortunately still behind.

The programmers are trying their best.
But yeah, likely behind.

Do the programmers have an idea of when the first phase can be completed? Or at least have a playable pre-alpha.

Well, welcome back! I joined back in April so you won’t know me and I wouldn’t know you for sure.

Nice to see old and new users joining up on the forum. With that said, enjoy your stay!

Greetings Nice To Have U Back.

Ah, I have heard about you Doggit, but we have never talked directly.
Welcome back

hello Doggit the cell stage is mostly done (maybe 89% done )

No it’s not. According to the GDD, there’s still a LOT to be done. For example, the full system of unlocking new organelles and auto-evo (instead of the RMG we currently have) (the site is down, so I can’t list more)

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well i was just guessing From what the gameplay showed and it looked like it was nearly done my mistake.

There is a Mac version to try?

There is no mac version. And there won’t be one until a programmer with a mac (and experience in developing software) joins the team. If you know anyone give them this link: http://revolutionarygamesstudio.com/get-involved/

If I wanted to compose some themes, where do I have to publish them to make them judge?