Hello, I'm dan54

Hello, I’m dan54, and a huge fan of Thrive! I’ve been following Thrive for almost three years now after discovering it in a YouTube video (linked at the bottom of this post). Spore is one of my favourite games of all time and I’ve wanted a sequel/spiritual successor like this for a very long time, so I was definitely excited when I first discovered the project. I love looking at the plans for the game, reading posts on the forums and listening to the game’s music. I have also supported the game by donating and buying it on Steam.

So why has it taken me almost three years to join the forum?

Well, I’ve wanted to join the forums for a while, but I have really bad social anxiety (probably because of my autism) that makes it really hard to speak in any social setting, even in a online forum. It’s taken me a long time to work up the courage to join, and even now I still feel very nervous. Anyway, I’m glad I’ve been able to join now, and I hope I will enjoy my time speaking on the forums!

(Video Link - Spore 2 - A Simple, Plausible Approach - YouTube)


as a follow mr D, i welcome u to our small forum!
i hope u will engoy or very small community!



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VVelcome nevv member of the community!

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Welcome to the forums!

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Thank you for your kind responses!

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