Hello im new

I’m BehindYou and i’ve always been a big fan of spore.
I joined this forum to follow the project closer. Unfortunately I have neither computer nor computer skills to help.

I hope to have fun with you here.


Let me be the first one to say welcome!!! you can always help out by posting ideas and being moral support for the amazing thrive developers!

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didn’t notice you here welcome to this amazing game thats 100,000,000 times better than spore


the consept is 100,000,000 times better than spore, because spore’s consept flopped and really did not hold up to reality. This game is still heavly in development, so saying it’s 100,000,000 times better is a long shot.

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I think that Spore wouldve been better if they had kept with the original idea of the game, before EA. It’s one of those games thats really cool when you play the first time, but starts to die down when you play it over until your game breaks. With Thrive, it will never get old no matter how many times I play it.

Hi! You are welcome here!

Welcome to the community forums. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here!

Thank you all. Im a bitgood at drawing, at least i’ll try to do some pics if it can affect.
Only one question concerns the forum: how can i send private messages?

Click on someone’s name and press “Message”

Welcome to the forums.
Its always nice seeing new faces.

I can’t find “Message” .
Probably im stypid

you click on their picture in a post Right next to the text


here, after clicking on their profile picture/name


Unfortunately there is no “message” button.
Perhaps it is an option for those in the forum who participated a little more in the discussions.
I do not know.

Hmm. That might be the case. I remember seeing some settings that configure when users can start sending private messages. I left the settings to the default values.