Hello I'm Sybil

I’ve wanted a game like this for a really long time! Playing the latest release pleasantly surprised me with how polished and well-designed it already feels so I thought I might keep an eye on it.
As for things I could perhaps contribute - unfortunately I don’t know anything about programming. I do have a modest amount of experience with composing and arranging music though, so if that’s something needed I could perhaps sign up sometime.
Either way, good luck to all the developers on pulling this through, the work you’re all getting done is astounding!


Welcome to the community forums @lastwitchofillyrith! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

I like your pfp, what is it?

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(the forum doesn’t recognize the exclamation point as part of the URL for some reason so you’ll have to add it manually)

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Hello! Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a good time. And I also like your pfp, the color scheme works.

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I remember trying to create species with sexual apparatus to make them more realistic and I “uploaded” them, but I guess it’s not since the servers died.

Otherwise, welcome!

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Actually Spore servers are still up, they just don’t work on the Steam version. Welcome Sybil by the way



Actually, I do not know what else to add, soo, hope you enjoy our little forum!

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Welcome to the forums. I’m late, but that doesn’t matter at all! (^_^)

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Then how am I connected through Steam? I remember using Origin once to connect on Spore Steam Edition, but I didn’t need Origin ever after (even after changing PC).

Who’s that? Nevermind, I noticed it was his vanity name.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Funny considering how lenny faces could be related to the aforementioned achievement.